The International Festival of World Music, Bio-Rhythms, captivated the audience in the amphitheater of Las Cucharas beach

“Cheerful, festive, in a friendly space and with a high musical level”, Benito Cabrera refers to the first edition of the International Festival of World Music, which was held on Saturday 16 at the amphitheater of Las Cucharas. And it is that this space hosted the performance of musicians and singers aligned with the Folk of different continents , who surprised and encouraged the large audience that Costa Teguise met.

Too Brass Band, with Ayoze Rodríguez at the helm, was in charge of opening the Festival and attracting the audience to a spiral of music that would take it from the Canary Islands to the continents of Europe and Latin America through the fusion of traditional sounds with the Folk .



Alegranza Folk, from Gran Canaria, offered part of its traditional repertoire, a musical experience halfway between the Celtic and islander sounds, which spread Las Cucharas from a festive atmosphere that did not stop until the end of the Festival.


The Argentinean singer Vanina Fernández was the second one to take the stage, and to discover before the public the American melodies of her repertoire, from Argentina to Venezuela or Cuba. Expert in the fusion of musical genres, in her performance she included a version of the song Cathaysa, by the Canarian singer Pedro Guerra.


Another proposal of the Festival was La Bazanca, a group of musicians from Valladolid that enjoy great prestige in the European Folk Circuits, with a funny staging in which the sounds of the bagpipe, the guitar, the accordion, or the Nickelharpa, an amazing sound instrument, as pointed out by the Festival’s curator Benito Cabrera, “it seems that there is an orchestra inside”.


The culmination of the festival came with the music of Cristina Pato, the Galician of great mastery and a powerful unique style full of passion and energy ignited the mood of the public that did not hesitate to dance to the sound of the dolls.


The mayor of Teguise Oswaldo Betancort and the head of Culture Olivia Duque, who did not want to miss the first edition of Bio Ritmos, together with their government colleagues, highlighted the high musical level of the Festival that is part of the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the foundation of the Real Villa de Teguise and that has served to gather on stage different cultures, with elements from three continents that share their atlanticity. Both also agreed to assess the suitability of the amphitheater Las Cucharas space for this type of events, so they predict the consolidation of the Festival with a second edition, for which they hope to have a new collaboration with the Canary Islands Government, the Cabildo of Lanzarote, and the sponsoring companies, Binter, CICAR, Club Santa Rosa and Multitrack,