The City of Arrecife has unanimously approved this Tuesday in full ordinary the modification of six articles of the municipal regulation of the taxi public service.

Among the novelties to be highlighted, and in order to have the highest quality and productivity of the service, is that it will be mandatory that all taxis are connected and receive services through a single central that establishes the Association of Taxistas most representative of the municipality , agreement signed upon request of the Association and authorization of the City Council. Said Central Radio-Taxis must be the same for each and every one of the vehicles.


The Councilor for Mobility and Transport of the City of Arrecife, Inodelvia Torres, reminded the holders of a taxi license in Arrecife that “they will have a period of 6 months to have a station connected to the single station in a situation of” in service “, extendable exceptionally and justified the impossibility of doing it before, to a maximum of 12 months.The breach is classified as serious misconduct “.



Another modification is the possibility that vehicles with tinted or darkened windows may present the Supplier’s Certification that proves that the vehicle’s moons are assembled from the factory in such conditions. The rest of the taxis must have the color of the original glass of the vehicle, not allowing them to reduce the coefficient of regular transmission of light below 75% for the windshield and 70% for the rest, nor the placement of adhesive sheets as usual. 

As for the shifts, Torres states that ” we go from having four shifts to three, of which two will be destined to cover the cruise service and the third, to the rest of the municipality , including in this division the PMR vehicles, so that all services are covered. “


The councilor recalled in a press release that “these changes in the regulations have been agreed with the taxi sector with the intention of following the line of transparency and debate that this Department has from the beginning.”


Likewise, allegations may be submitted if they so require once published in the BOP. The modification of the municipal regulation of the complete taxi will be available at