Lots of people are confused and are asking what are the restrictions when travelling to Lanzarote this is the latest update from Tourism (updated 26/10/2020)


(Updated on October 26, 2020)

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Lanzarote is one of the areas in the world least affected by COVID-19 and this makes the island one of the safest destinations to visit, since it offers maximum conditions of safety and hygiene.

Accommodation establishments are gradually beginning to recover their activity and the main centres of tourist interest, shops and restaurants are already operating.

From Sunday 21st June, it is possible to travel to Lanzarote from any country in the Schengen area without having to go through any kind of quarantine (remember to check the conditions in your country when you return from your holidays).

 Re – open EU

The European Union has set up a website and a mobile app that provides all the information you need to travel to each European Union member state, the requirements at each destination and other information required by tourists. The site is called “Re-open EU” and provides travellers with the procedures to follow before travelling to each destination.

 Spain Travel Health – Sanitary Control Protocol

 Travel assistance coverage for COVID-19

Faced with the slightest suspicion of Covid-19 symptoms, the tourist must first notify the Canary Islands Health Service on phone number 900 112 061 so that the Canary Islands health services can activate the corresponding protocols. The contact telephone number of the AXA insurer will be provided once the Canary Islands health services certify to the interested party that a positive case of Covid-19 has occurred.

 Health & Safety Guidelines

  Before travelling to Lanzarote

Since the 1st of July 2020, the Spanish Government has established a series of health control measures for anyone who wants to visit the country, and this includes Lanzarote. Regardless of nationality or age:

  • In the days before starting your trip, you must fill out the public health form electronically on the web gob.es(available in ES/EN/DE and FR), in order to obtain a personal QR code to be shown at the airport of origin (either printed or on your mobile device).
  • On arrival at the airport, your temperature will be taken and if it exceeds 37,5 °C you will be subject to a health assessment.

  In airports and during the flight

In airports and during the entire flight, you must wear your mask, obligatorily and at all times, and follow all the security measures indicated for your own safety and that of all those around you.

We recommend that you check in online, although you should bear in mind that many airlines no longer allow you to carry hand luggage in the cabin, except for a personal bag that fits under your seat.

  Holidays in Lanzarote: What should I know before arriving on the island?

During your visit to the island, there are a series of measures that you should know about and strictly respect, for your own good and for that of all of us who live in a unique space like Lanzarote.


Measures that are generally applied

  • Social distancing: the interpersonal distance is set at 1.5 metres.
  • TThe use of a mask is compulsory for adults and children over 6 years of age on public roads, in open spaces and in any publically-used enclosed space, or any space that is open to the public, regardless of the maintenance of an interpersonal safety distance of at least 1.5 metres.
  • Correct use of the mask is obligatory, covering the nose and mouth completely at all times.
  • Frequent hand washing is recommended (using soap and water or hydroalcoholic hand sanitising gel).
  • Smoking, the use of tobacco inhalation devices, water pipes, hookahs, shisha or similar devices will not be allowed on public roads and in outdoor spaces, as long as it is not possible to guarantee that an interpersonal safety distance of 2 metres is kept.

Public transportation

  • In all forms of public transport, the companies providing the services are obliged to comply with a series of necessary health and hygiene measures.
  • Seating is regulated to maintain social distancing.

Accommodation establishments

  • In common spaces, the capacity is limited to enable the maintenance of the required social distancing; this is also the case in the different entertainment activities and group classes.
  • In the dining areas, hydroalcoholic hand sanitising gels are installed at the entrance, tables are separated by 1.5 metres and are cleaned and disinfected between clients, and the elements of shared use, such as napkin or toothpick dispensers, have been eliminated.
  • The buffet bars must be separated from the clients by a protective screen, and must offer previously prepared or fresh products in individual and single-serving dishes protected from the environment.

Swimming pools

  • Limited capacity, depending on the sunbeds available, respecting the social distancing measures for the family unit.
  • They must be disinfected daily.

Beaches and natural swimming pools

  • There are capacity limitations (4 m2per person).
  • The separation of 1.5 m between groups of sunbeds and beach umbrellas is obligatory and disinfection between clients is required.
  • The cleaning protocol of the toilets is strengthened.
  • In beaches and swimming pools, there is an exception to the obligation to wear a mask while swimming and while staying in a certain space, without moving to another spot, provided that respect for the interpersonal safety distance between all non-cohabiting users can be guaranteed. The use of a mask will be obligatory at all access points, on journeys and during walks in these spaces and facilities.


  • The minimum distance between tables is 1.5 m.
  • All products for shared use such as napkin rings, sugar bowls, etc. have been eliminated.
  • Tables are cleaned and disinfected between clients.
  • Menus should be replaced by QR codes.
  • At the entrance there will be hydroalcoholic hand sanitising gel.
  • n hotel and restaurant establishments and services, including bars and cafeterias, the only exception to the obligation to wear a mask is when eating or drinking.
  • The maximum occupation per table or group of tables indoors and outdoors will be ten people.


  • For the time being, parties, festivals and cultural and sporting events are suspended.
  • Visits to centres of tourist interest are permitted and must always be made in one direction, avoiding crowding.
  • In theatres and cinemas, seats must always be assigned and only groups that live together may be sat together.

Evening entertainment and public shows

  • Nightclubs and other nightlife establishments may only open their outdoor areas to the public, with table service and consumption.
  • Consumption should take place at the table, not at the bar.
  • Dance floors are not allowed.

Active tourism

  • Outdoor activities are allowed.
  • Companies providing these services must respect the cleaning and disinfection protocols.

  What to do if you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19?

If you have symptoms such as cough, fever or respiratory difficulty or have been in contact with someone infected with COVID-19 remember that:

  • You must isolate yourself immediately in your accommodation, keeping a safe distance from other people and paying special attention to the established sanitary and hygiene measures.
  • Contact the COVID-19 information phone number authorised by the Canary Islands Government: 900 112 061 if you speak Spanish, or 112 for English, where you will be informed about how to proceed.
  • PCR tests


Remember that for any questions about tourist information you can call us at 928 811 762, write to our email info@turismolanzarote.com, or contact us through our social networks (FacebookInstagram or Twitter).