The festivities of Los Dolores culminated on Sunday with the celebration of the mass and procession in honor of the Virgin of Los Volcanes. This year when the pilgrimage coincided on Saturday, September 15, the City Council of Tinajo and the Bishopric of Las Palmas reached an agreement to postpone the Eucharist for Sunday. 


As every year this religious celebration brought together hundreds of devotees at a Mass officiated by Bishop Francisco, where the parish priest of Tinajo and other sacertors of the island also took part. 



Among the authorities was the mayor of Tinajo, Jesús Machín; the mayor of Tías, Pancho Hernández; and the mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort, as well as the mayors of the host municipality and other authorities. 


The procession was accompanied by the traditional mantillas and the municipal band of Tinajo. At the end, there was the multitudinous concert of the Andalusian singer Antonio José, winner of the talent show ‘La Voz 2015’ and the subsequent burning of artificial fire. 

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