The well-known ship “El Telamón”, which has been stranded near the pier of Los Mármoles since 1981 , has been a claim for residents and visitors. The truth is that so far there have been many young people who despite the cartel that prohibits access to the area have dared to reach the semi-sunken ship to jump from the top


For some time videos like these have been posted on social networks and have had their criticism for the danger of reaching El Telamon. In these images we can see how a group of young people even enjoy the indoor pool that with the passage of Year has been forming. Others have taken advantage to practice acrobatics.

These risk situations have caused the Port Authority to cordon off the boat with a fence a few days ago with the objective of removing it as soon as possible. From this provincial body they are waiting for the order from the Ministry of Defense to proceed to remove the remains of the ship.



We have gone out to the street to find out what the Lanzarote people think. In general the conejeros coincide in the dangerousness that represents the ship and although they recognize the attractiveness that causes the picture of a ship almost sunk near the shore, it is not less true that they regret the environmental impact that it can cause to the local ecosystem .


Undoubtedly the ship wrecked in Lanzarote has become a stage for some acrobats or for the most daring that have become a real SPA, but be very careful because in the conditions that the ship is, in a state of rust it’s a danger.