As we reach the countdown to the signing of the objections to the Canary Island oil drilling project (September 24), the Comisión Insular of Lanzarote sent us this mail, which we copy to all of you for your information:

This DEMONSTRATION VIGIL will take place on the same day and at the same hour on different Canary Islands, showing the solidarity among the many people of the islands.

Please bring posters and banners of black hands and a candle for the vigil.

AT 19:30 H. At “Delegacion de Gobierno” offices

C / Blas Cabrera Felipe, 6 (just by the Casino, in front of the small harbour and bars, on the main road between Puente de las Bolas and the Arrecife Gran Hotel).

2.- For your information, a video of our multicultural group of friends will be aired this weekend and also on Monday by Television Canaria. Congratulations, artists! Hundred of thousands of people on 8 islands will know you and your message!!