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Thanks to LANCELOT DIGITAL- Confirmed direct aid and tax facilities for the hotel industry, SMEs and the self-employed in the Canary Islands

The Canarian vice president and Minister of Finance, Budgets and European Affairs, Román Rodríguez, announced yesterday that the Executive is working on the realization of new economic and fiscal measures to alleviate the damage that the pandemic is causing in SMEs and the self-employed in the Archipelago, which will include new direct aid and tax facilities for companies related to the hotel industry, SMEs and the self-employed.


Rodríguez explained, during an interview on Cadena Ser, that the new package of measures will come into effect during the first quarter of the year, once approved by the Governing Council of the Canary Islands.


The vice president pointed out that different government departments are working on the new line of aid and that the Treasury, in particular, is looking for the formula to generate the necessary financing, which “ultimately, will be charged to the debt of the Autonomous Community, since that the Budgets in force are designed to defray essential public services, investments and ordinary expenses “.


Rodríguez, who expressed his enormous concern about the state of companies linked to the tourism sector and bars and restaurants, missed a greater commitment from the State in direct aid “beyond the application of ERTE and liquidity aid,” that have been good measures “.


The vice president specified that the Government of the Canary Islands, to the extent of its own possibilities, will activate direct aid to “lend a hand in the fixed costs of companies” and those of a fiscal nature to allow the deferral of tax debt payments and of ordinary taxes.


Rodríguez recalled that the autonomous Executive will give continuity, in this way, to the measures it has been taking since the beginning of the pandemic and that have included the reinforcement of essential public services, on the one hand, and aid and injection of liquidity to the economy with fiscal relief measures, on the other.


In addition, the vice president recalled that last year the Government of the Canary Islands already activated direct aid for the agricultural sector and for maritime transport and regular passenger transport, for example.