Do you know how the registration of the workday will affect you?


    From this Sunday all employees have to sign in at work



    This Sunday has entered into force the registration of the working day that requires all companies to write down daily work hours of their employees in order to control possible excess hours.


    As reported by Efe, this record must include the specific start and end time of each employee’s day by the mechanism that each company agrees with the workers’ representatives or, failing that, the decision of the employer, which may be from manual up to biometric.



    The Ministry of Labor has clarified that the registration model must offer reliability and prove that it is not manipulable and that it will have to include, when they are regulated in the company, the breaks and breaks of the workers so that they do not count as effective time of work.


    These records must be kept for four years and be available to the worker, their union representatives and the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate. Not having them will be grounds for serious sanctions with a fine of between 626 and 6,250 euros.


    The Labor Inspectorate will begin to demand the registrations from Monday, May 13, although it will give the companies a margin (no more than a month) if they see good will and that they are negotiating with the workers’ representatives.