The Cabildo de Lanzarote published this Thursday, October 18, on the tender platform of the Institution,, as well as in the Official Journal of the European Union, the announcement of the tender for the drafting of the project, execution of the construction and later operation of the Residencia de mayores de Alto Requerimiento and new sociosanitary center for the elderly and care for dependents that will be built in Tahíche, in the municipality of Teguise.


The granting of the service will be carried out by open procedure and public tender in the amount of 18,882,585.48 euros (including Igic), of which 10 million will be contributed by the regional Executive, divided into four annual installments, for the construction of this Residence for the elderly that will depend on the care network and social welfare centers of the Cabildo and for the improvement of the existing public places on the island.


It is worth remembering that this funding from the Government of the Canary Islands was materialized through the agreement signed last January with the seven councils for the distribution of the funds of the II Plan of Sociosanitarias Infrastructures of the Canary Islands.



The concession of the service will be carried out for a period of 30 years and the center, according to the technical blueprint, will have a capacity of 130 residential places, plus an additional 50 for use as a day center.


The president of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, Pedro San Ginés (CC), stressed that “from the socio-health point of view, this is the most important legislative project that will be awarded in coming months, which will be completed – thanks to the co-financing of the Government of the Canary Islands- the existing health care network of Lanzarote and the care services for our elderly “. More specifically, San Ginés specified, “those who require a high level of attention”.


The president also thanked the staff of the Cabildo involved and the technicians of the Social Welfare Council, “for the effort made to carry out this project since June of 2017, with the commitment of the Regional Executive to provide this new center with ten million euros of additional financing for the construction of the residence and for the improvement of existing health care centers “.


For its part, the Minister of Social Welfare of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, Maite Corujo (PP), also wanted to “recognize the great effort” of the technicians of their Ministry “in recent months have turned to the technical specifications and the project to take forward this tender, whose service we hope will be awarded next year, thus fulfilling the commitment of the Corporation with the citizens and our elders to respond to the demand for residential and day places that the island requires to serve this sector so important of the population. “


This new sociosanitary infrastructure will be added to the complete care assistance network that the island has been equipped with over the last 8 years, composed of the Mental Health Residency ‘Julio Santiago Obeso Psychosocial Rehabilitation Unit’; the Las Cabreras Day Stay Center; the El Cribo Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center, as well as the pensions and apartments supervised by this association; the Disability Center of Lanzarote, the Occupational Center and the Functional Home and of Early Assistance of Adislan; the Centers for the Elderly of San Roque, Tías and Haría; the Annex Residence of the Insular Hospital of Arrecife; Residency for Alzheimer’s patients Las Cabreras’ Dr. Domingo de Guzmán ‘and the Day Center also enabled in La Graciosa.


“With this new project, we intend – therefore – to provide Lanzarote with new places, both residential and day center, enabled in a new infrastructure suitable for dependent seniors, with the physical, architectural and functional conditions adapted to the needs of the same, as well as provide them with the necessary personnel to provide the services with sufficient quality guarantees, “specified the counselor.


The trend according to current data is that, in the future, the typology of users will be that of older dependents with high health requirements, older patients with multiple pathologies that need support for all the basic activities of daily life and to whom health care will be provided. permanent nursing and continuing medical, in addition to social care in this new center of the care network of the Cabildo.


As stated in the announcement of the tender, the granting of works for the ‘drafting of the detailed study, the drafting of the project, financing and execution of the construction of a socio-health center for the elderly and assistance to people dependent on cohabitation units and day center ‘, will be built on a plot owned by the Cabildo de Lanzarote in the area called Los Calderones or Mojón Alto, in Tahíche, on a farm with a total of 422,843 m².




Tenderers interested in attending it will have until November 20 to submit their applications in accordance with the documentation and procedure required in the technical and administrative clauses published in the Bidding Portal of the Cabildo.


The concession will be granted for a term of 30 years, counting from the day following the formalization of the contract that will be executed in two phases. The drafting phase of the construction project and execution of the work that includes the writing of detailed study, drafting of the projects and the construction of the Residence for the Elderly and Day Center; as well as a second phase of exploitation and management of the Residence.


At the date of completion of the work, the concessionaire must have the equipment of the Residence and Day Care Center in accordance with the proposed equipment and the regulation contained in the technical specifications, performing as many installation actions, refurbishment works and functional modifications proposed within the term offered, which will be approximately two months from the completion of the works.


Information Meeting


The Cabildo of Lanzarote will call interested companies to bid for an informative meeting where they can request clarifications that they deem pertinent about the content of the preparatory actions of the contract and of the specifications of particular administrative clauses and of particular technical requirements , which will take place in the Committee Room II of the Institution, on October 29, at 9:30 am.