I often get asked by visitors “Do you miss home?” My immediate response to that question is this “But I am home!” But of course they mean England.

Mmmm, let me think…… The top of my “miss” list of course would be my family and friends – always! And if you are a true Londoner (like me!), reading this you will understand when I also say I miss REAL pie and mash! BIG TIME! I miss West End theatre, musicals were my favourite! But I don’t think there’s much else?

I used to work in a bank on Foreign Exchange trading. My biggest deal was one for 250 million US Dollars!! High stress job with our motto being “You work hard, you play hard!” Never a truer word spoken and I loved every minute of it!!

But when I moved here what job did I get? I was a cleaning lady and ironing lady! And what’s wrong with that? Good days work matie! I never felt that was “beneath” me, I just wanted to work.

I came here with an open mind to EVERYTHING! Knowing that the life I left behind no longer existed, this WAS my new life; I had to start again and did so gladly. Moving here was the best thing I have ever done for myself! Well, that and getting my nose fixed!! So no, no regrets.

Have you ever seen a clock move backwards? NO! And you won’t see me do that either!