They manage to get the government to convene the negotiating tables and wage improvements


On Wednesday, the Canary Islands Medical Union decided to suspend the strike by doctors in health centers and public hospitals on the islands. The strike, which had started on Friday, affected numerous patients. Although the monitoring of the strike was estimated by Health between 5% and 3% of the doctors summoned, no negotiations were reached with the president of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres.


In a statement, the professional union of doctors of the Canary Islands (CESM) indicated that thanks to the strike they managed to convene three extraordinary sectoral health tables, where the review of medical salaries began. It was agreed to carry out this revision so that it can be applied in the general budgets of 2024.


Although remuneration improvements and reinforcements in emergencies and incidents were achieved, the CESM highlighted the lack of agreement on pending labor measures, mainly related to Primary Care. Due to the inability of the current Ministry of Health and the refusal of the current government to negotiate in the context of the elections, it was decided to temporarily suspend the strike. The usual activity will resume on Thursday.


The union considers it coherent to wait for a new government to be formed after next Sunday’s elections, which demonstrates executive capacity and sufficient responsibility.


For its part, the Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government reported in a statement that the Canary Islands Health Service held a meeting this Wednesday with the union representatives of the Sectoral Table that constitute the remuneration working group “to continue advancing in the analysis of the remuneration of the different professional categories that make up the SCS, according to the calendar agreed at its constitutive session held last week.