“Through the symbolic act of switching off our lights for one hour on Saturday 26 March from 8.30 – 9.30pm we will collectively send our clarion call for change around the globe. ‘Please, political leaders and captains of industry, we implore you. Take action against climate change NOW.’”

Hundreds of millions of people in 133 countries and territories across the globe are expected to switch off their lights at 8:30pm local time tomorrow, Saturday 26 March. In a series of video messages posted to YouTube, world leaders have pledged their support for the world’s largest voluntary environmental action.

In Lanzarote, some of the landmarks of Arrecife will switch off their lights to support “La Hora del Planeta”. Some of the Centros Turísticos will dim their exterior lights to show solidarity: the Garden Cactus (Guatiza), Monumento al Campesino (San Bartolomé) and Castillo San José (Art Museum in Arrecife).