As you know, the Municipal Register is the guideline used to draw up the Electoral Roll, and being listed in the Foreign Residents Electoral Roll in Spain is required.

Where to vote?

On the day of voting, voters should go to the Polling Station (Colegio Electoral), Section and Table (Sección y Mesa) indicated to them on the voting card between 9.00 am and 8.00 pm.

The polling stations in

the San Bartolomé de Lanzarote municipality, for example, will be situated at:

Centro Socio Cultural Güime

Centro Socio Cultural Montaña Blanca

Ayuntamiento (Teatro S. Bartolome)
Casa Cerdeña (S.Bartolome)
Colegio Ajei (S.Bartolome)

Deiland (Playa Honda)
Centro Tercera Edad (Playa Honda)
Colegio Playa Honda

If you haven´t received the voting card stating where to vote, you can

You are asked to type in the Province and Municipio where you live, plus your address, and then you can see a map showing your Polling Station.