Just over 24 hours competing. That’s what it took for the winner of the first Double Enduroman that Lanzarote celebrated throughout the weekend in the resort of Playa Blanca. Paul Thompson was the winner of this first edition of Enduroman. The Enduroman and Middle Olympic Enduroman completed the weekend of racing in the south of Lanzarote.

At eight o’clock on Saturday, the 22 participants of the Double Enduroman took the exit Lanzarote in Playa Blanca. Ahead there was a 7.6 miles swim, 360 km bike and 84 km run. Participants were three Spanish, Miguel Martinez, Toni and Robert Mayoral Payeras Serrano. In the entry list was also Gregorio Cáceres.

The winner of the test was Paul Thompson, a triathlete who began to show he was in front in the swimming test. Thompson spent a time of 2:20:57 to complete the 7.6 mile swim. 12:22:44 was recorded on the cycling to complete the 360 miles, and the run time of 9:30:55. Just after eight o’clock on Sunday, he crossed the finish line of the test, with a total time of 24 hours, 14 minutes and 35 seconds.

The second overall position went to Rudi Van Aelst with a time of 25 hours, 19 minutes and 42 seconds. The podium was completed by Guy Willard with a time of 26:04:53. As for the Spanish, the best place went to Miguel Martinez who crossed the finish line in ninth place (29:35:38), Toni Payeras was eleventh and Robert Mayo was the last triathlete to cross the finish line in sixteenth place, with more than 32 hours competing.
The Olympic discipline was the one that had a greater number of participants, and the test was for the Cup Triathlon Canary Islands Government. The distances travelled were 1.5 kilometres swim, 40 mile bike and 10.2 km run.

Gran Canarians, Patricia Díaz García and Jonathan, both of the Titans Triathlon Club, were the winners of the test and crossed the finish line first. In the men, Jonathan Garcia spent a time of 2:10:22 and excelled in just 30 seconds over Pino Hector Concepcion. The podium was completed by the third post of the Trident Tinajo Omar Delgado (2:11:32). Cristian Moya and Ivan Rodriguez were third and fourth respectively.

In the women, Patricia Diaz put aside the injuries that have marked her career in recent months and took the victory in Lanzarote. Triathlete Triathlon Club Titans got a time of 2:19:26. Lara Masses (2:25:49) and Ruth Gomez (2:26:57) were second and third respectively at the finish line. From Lanzarote, Tamar Gonzalez had to settle for fourth place overall.

The bravest dared to longer distances – Ironman distances. In Enduroman, the winner was Ugo Fabbri with a time of 14 hours, 6 minutes and 42 seconds. The second place in this category was David Miles (14:22:35).
In the Middle Enduroman, the winner was Mark Edward Loveday (4:47:15), followed by Tom Newman (4:51:26) and third in line was Paul Simon Gil (4:54:23). In the women, Mareen Hufe was the winner (5:09:44), completing the podium positions were Mia Nielsen and Inés Hernández Hernández.