Everything you need to know about the tourist voucher

The news that the Government of the Canary Islands is going to raffle 200 euros among 50 thousand people to encourage and move the economy in the archipelago in the coming months has not left anyone indifferent, although the tourism sector supports it. The managing director of Promotur of the Government of the Canary Islands, José Juan Lorenzo, at Café de Periodistas pointed out some keys that you should know.


When does it start?


“People will be able to register, as we have announced, as of July 1,” explains José Juam Lorenzo, noting that it is being announced in good time. “And for a period of no less than ten days during the first half of July, with the idea that they can register for this tourist voucher designed for Canarian residents, of legal age”.


What is required to enroll?


“You just have to register with the DNI and we will immediately verify that the person, indeed, resides in the Canary Islands, and by meeting that basic requirement, they will already be registered,” he explained.


When will the draw take place and how will the winners be known?


Lorenzo also explained that the draw will be held, “at the latest, on July 14, by a random process before a notary, which will assign among all those registered, the 50,000 winners of the bonus.”


How will you get that bonus of 200 euros?


Lorenzo points out that “the winners will be given a wallet or credit card, virtual or physical, at personal choice, the advantage of the virtual one is that it will be effective on day, while the physical one has to be issued by a financial institution and We will send it by mail to the beneficiary’s address ”, he points out, pointing out that this second case is the ideal.


Are travel agencies also included in this tourist voucher?


In the case of the agency tourist voucher, the card will also have a charge of 200 euros, but the Canarian resident will not have to contribute any financial amount.


It must be spent in physical travel agencies, located on any of the eight islands, and it will have to be used to hire a vacation package that involves a minimum stay of five days in summer season (between July and September) or a minimum stay of 3 days. between October and December.


In short, the people of Lanzarote should be very attentive to the registration on the platform as of July 1, despite the fact that the chances of it being mathematically quite low.