This Wednesday, April 20, the end of the use of masks indoors in Spain comes into force. But there are exceptions: in public transport, health centers, nursing homes and pharmacies we will have to continue wearing it. In the work centers, the decision will be up to the company and the risk prevention department, that is, the mutual insurance companies in most cases.


The unions ask for greater precision, since this lack of certain criteria can lead to numerous misunderstandings that could even end up in court.


There are many voices that have criticized the fact that the measure has not been more limited, that is, if it is considered that the virus is no longer really so dangerous, it should be removed completely, except in hospitals and in the case of vulnerable people.


At the moment, things are like this and it will be mandatory in the spaces mentioned. On the other hand, the Government recommends, but does not oblige, to wear it in the following cases:


In the workplace, the paper recommends using the mask whenever the work must be carried out at an interpersonal distance of less than 1.5 meters and adequate ventilation of the space cannot be guaranteed.


In the family environment, the mask is recommended at gatherings with friends and private celebrations.


The use of a mask is recommended in closed spaces for public use in which people travel, such as shops (shopping centers, supermarkets or small businesses); closed spaces where people spend time without eating or drinking (cinemas, theatres, concert halls and museums) and in closed spaces where people spend time eating and drinking (bars, restaurants and nightlife venues).