The space will have a pool and gardens for public use, a cafeteria, as well as a workplace

The Tourist Councilor, Echedey Eugenio, confirms that the work on the island of La Fermina , according to the projects they have, is scheduled to conclude in “five or six months”. Fulfilling this schedule for the nationalist is something feasible, because the rehabilitation of this space is a priority, where the City Council of Arrecife is also involved.


The head of the CACT confirmed that the leaders of the City Council “have seen the project from the beginning, have been the same and have put the batteries for the permits to leave in a timely manner, and that must be recognized.” 


From the deteriorating image that Arrecife’s space is now presenting, it will change to a much more modern one adapted to an island reserved for the biosphere, thanks to the investment of more than one million euros that will be allocated from the Funds of Development of the Canary Islands. 


The space will have a swimming pool and gardens for public use, a cafeteria. There will also be another part where the counselor says that the aim is to combine Tourism and Innovation “where a meeting center can be built” between tourism, technology and IT professionals, to build “a breeding ground that will allow us to export talent”. 


The formula of the management encomienda that has been chosen, allows the CACT to activate its spring as a public company, but not to face the losses that may arise, since it will be the Cabildo who will take charge of them. “The idea is that we have a profitable activity by itself and on that benefit there is a fee, even, that can benefit the City Council itself or the City Council”, but in the early years where it is expected that there are certain losses must be assumed from the public administrations that, in addition, have external financing. 


The permits to act in the exterior of the space are not yet available, but according to Eugenio, they will soon be able to work in all the space.