Festival Enogastronómico Saborea #Lanzarote – 26 y 27 de Noviembre

This fantastic event will once again take place on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November and for those of you who were lucky enough to attend last year you will know what a treat we have in store this weekend.

If you love food and enjoy the chance to sample exceptional food and wines at “incredible” prices then this event is one you should not miss. Last year we arrived and purchased our tickets (there is no entrance free you just purchase tickets and exchange them for food and drink) most items cost just €1 or €2 so you can have “tapa and glass of wine” for €3! Well we did say the prices were incredible.

Having attended previously we knew there would be lots of choice so we decided to have a walk around first and see exactly what was on offer and what we would like to try. Of course we accompanied our meander with a glass of wine and took in the delights of International, Spanish and local Canarian cuisine that was available. In addition there are cooking displays, musical entertainment and so much more, it really is a wonderful event.

We all wanted to try different things which was great as we could share and taste different items, we started with mini burgers, tortilla, paella, prawns, mini wraps, and a selection of meats and cheeses. One of the great things is that the prices are so low you can try items that you otherwise might have wanted to try in a restaurant but were nervous about ordering a full portion; this is now your chance to try and enjoy.

Tickets are available from numerous stands around the event so you can replenish as and when necessary. As well as food there is a fabulous choice of wines and beers as well as well as soft drinks and hot beverages. Having had our fill of savoury items we decided to move on to “pudding” well what can we say? Pastries, cakes we tried them all. One of the most delicious was a chocolate torte that we finished with and we all agreed in was a winner!

Another thing we should add is that you can purchase and take away food so we left with bags of goodies that lasted us for days…taking care of course that you store them correctly.

So if you want to sample gourmet food and exceptional wines ensure you attend this weekend. It really is brilliant and well worth a visit. Team LBRA

Plenty of parking is available but if you want to sample a few wines and beers extra bus services have been added.

Several lines of buses and their services to facilitate the influx into the ‘VI FESTIVAL FOOD TASTE LANZAROTE’

The concerts in the plaza de los leones de ‘ Acatife ‘, Saturday at 19.30 hours, and ‘ Uncle Matt ‘, Sunday at 16.00 noon, enliven the event
The company of interurban intercitybus will strengthen the service of several lines of buses to facilitate the flow of public to ‘VI FESTIVAL FOOD TASTE LANZAROTE’, which is being held this weekend in the village of Teguise.

So, lines 07, 09 and 14, linking reef and teguise will provide six services back and forth so much Saturday day 26 as the Sunday 27. Exits from the capital will be at 10.00 , 10.15, 12.00, 14.00, 15.30, 17.00, 18.00 and 20.00 hours, with return from teguise at 11.30, 12.00, 13.30, 15.30 , 17.15, 18.40 and 21.30 hours.

Will also be boosted the line 31 linking costa teguise with teguise. The exits of costa teguise will be at 10.00, 11.30, 13.15, 14.30, 16.00 and 19.30 hours, with return from the village of teguise at 10.50, 12.40, 14.10, 15.25, 16.50 and 20.20 hours.
Also the line 03 Puerto Del Carmen-Reef-teguise will transhipment with a frequency of 30 minutes at the bus station of reef with lines 07 and 09; while the line 60 that covers The journey from playa Blanca-Reef-teguise will also change at the bus station of reef with lines 07 and 09 every two hours.

The thousands of people that are expected to attend this ‘ VI FESTIVAL FOOD TASTE LANZAROTE ‘ organized by the cabildo, the city of teguise, the regulatory board for the designation of origin ‘ wines from Lanzarote ‘ and tourism Lanzarote ‘, under the patronage of the special Canary Islands government may also enjoy two concerts.
Both will take place in the plaza of the lions, which incorporates space for the first time to the event, as is the case with the house museum of the timple (Palace Spinola) which will host ‘the house of the product canary’ where there will be a culinary representation of the whole Archipelago. The first of the concerts will be carried out by ‘ Acatife ‘ and will be held on Saturday at 19.30 hours, the second offered by ‘ Uncle Matt ‘, it will be on Sunday at 16.00 noon.

In that same space they will also enjoy the exhibition ‘pure geology’, show promoted by the cabildo de Lanzarote through the house of volcanoes that runs the counsellor echedey eugenio that delivers in five languages, and among other things, The contents of the distinction of geopark granted by unesco to Lanzarote and the chinijo archipelago.

‘the party of recycling’
Also at the festival will also be present ‘ the party of recycling ‘, environmental awareness campaign promoted through ‘ Lanzarote recycles ‘ by the area of waste of the cabildo de Lanzarote, who runs the counselor echedey eugenio, and ecoembes, organization Non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of packaging for recycling.

The development of this campaign aims to encourage recycling at parties and events that are held in Lanzarote. In this case, and with the cooperation of the municipality of teguise, distributed more than 20 cubes of yellow for the different areas, in which participants will be able to deposit her plastic bottles, cans and brik. Recycling in savour lanzarote is complemented by the installation of four islands of recycling and with the input of buckets vacri for recycling of glass in the cellars.

In addition, the four points of the supply of drinks will be provided with their own bucket of recycling for cans, plastic containers and brik, marked with the image of ‘the party of recycling’. The action will be on Facebook for ‘Lanzarote recycles’ https://www.facebook.com/lanzarote.recicla/.