Binter launches flights between the Canary Islands and Toronto and Boston destinations for the summer season next year. The route, which stops at Punta Delgada in the Azores archipelago, is possible thanks to the code-share agreement between the Canarian airline and the Portuguese SATA.


The collaboration between the two airlines improves the comfort of passengers, who can make these connections with a single ticket, which includes the stopover in Punta Delgada, under a single flight code and with a single billing.


Between April 3 and October 23, Binter and SATA will make flights between Gran Canaria and Boston on Saturdays and, conversely, on Fridays, arriving on Saturday at the Canary airport.


The departure from Boston will be at 21.20 hours to land in Punta Delgada at 06.00 hours on Saturday, from where it will take off at 08.10 hours to land in Gran Canaria at 12.05 hours. Conversely, the flight to Boston will depart from Gran Canaria at 12.40 pm to stop at Punta Delgada between 2.40 pm and 3.45 pm, arriving in the capital of Massachusetts at 5:25 pm.


The route between the Canary Islands and Toronto will be operated in the same period, departing from Toronto on Fridays, to arrive in the Canary Islands on Saturday and take off from Gran Canaria towards Toronto on Saturdays.


In this case, the SATA flight will take off at 9:00 pm from Toronto to Punta Delgada, where it will make a stopover between 06.35 and 08.10 local time on Saturday, to land in Gran Canaria at 12.05 hours. The flight to the Canadian city will take off on Saturdays from the Grancanario airport at 12.40 pm to land at Punta Delgada at 2.40 pm. From there, it will depart at 4:45 p.m. to land in the capital of Ontario at 7:45 p.m.


From June 1, both routes will be reinforced with an additional frequency per week at the same time. In the case of Boston, this extra connection will depart on Mondays, with arrival in the Canary Islands on Tuesday, to leave that same day back to the American city. With regard to Toronto, the additional flight will depart from Canada on Mondays, arriving in Gran Canaria on Tuesday, to depart that same day back to Toronto.


Tickets can be purchased through the company’s usual sales channels: , the Binter app, telephone 902 391 392 and travel agencies.