Here at the Lanzarote Business and Residents Association we are focused on bringing you the very best information, media and news about Lanzarote. Recently we decided it was important to focus on growing our social media channels as this is an excellent way of connecting with our existing audience and to reach new individuals and businesses.

Twitter is one of those channels that we use extensively to share information, including the services we offer. We are pleased to say we have just a hit a new milestone of 2000 followers, and the number of people following us continues to grow daily. Are you following us on Twitter yet?

Through our Twitter channel we keep our followers updated on the different services that the LBRA offers, and you will be able to quickly find out if there have been any changes.

We share links to all the latest posts that go live on our blog, so if you follow us on Twitter you will never miss a post. Many of these are about local upcoming events, or details about LBRA member events that have taken place.

Many of the things we Tweet are about amazing places to visit in Lanzarote which is a great source of information for both residents of Lanzarote and those planning a holiday here.

Through Twitter we also help to promote LBRA members that are active on Twitter. This is done through Likes, Comments and Retweets which are especially important as we can help spread the reach of your posts to our 2000 followers, and potentially all of their followers!

If you are an LBRA member hoping to promote your business then we strongly advice you to set up a Twitter account if you haven’t already done so, and if you do have an account get Tweeting. If you are not yet a member of the LBRA then this is yet another great reason to join as we will help promote your business via Twitter (along with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus).

To view our members that are currently active on Twitter then please subscribe to our LBRA List of members:  If you are active on Twitter but we haven’t yet added your account to our list then please Tweet us to let us know and we will add your account straight away. Happy Tweeting!