Just a reminder about this App as we have recently been asked a number of times, its easy to download and help in all situations.

Now you can feel safer, thanks to FRESS112, a new app for your smartphone that allows you to interact with the emergency services closest to where you are, improving the service provided by the well known 112 service. With its geopositioning system, FRESS will send complementary data about your position direct to 112.

The main advantage of FRESS 112 is that it uses the latest technologies to connect you quickly and efficiently with emergency services. You’ll be able to provide, in real time, all the details necessary, whether through a normal telephone conversation, using instant messaging, or chat, or by sending photos and videos, at the same time as sending your position on a map as well as all your relevant health data.

Now, with FRESS 112 you’ll feel much safer, wherever you are…


With FRESS, you’ll be able to describe your situation in detail, including how you are physically, if you are being attacked, etc, using text messages, or photos, or video.

And if you’re in a foreign country and you don’t know the local language, don’t worry, FRESS 112 will automatically translate your text messages, as well as your profile details to the local language. You can also act as a witness to an accident or incident, helping the emergency services to optimize their response.

Now with FRESS 112 you’ll feel safer, wherever you are.