The Cabildo offers advisory services to foreign citizens residing on the island


Through the Citizen Participation Office, procedures and reports related to integration, housing or social roots are carried out.

The Citizen Participation Office of the Cabildo de Lanzarote offers non-EU citizens residing on the island different information and advisory services on the integration effort reports,adequacy of housing and social roots for your application for legal residence and that of your family members in Spain.

The counselor responsible for the Area, Paula Corujo , highlights that “Non-EU citizens have the possibility of requesting, both online and in person, the application for Social Rooting, the report accrediting the Adequacy of Housing,the Social Integration Effort and also on Labor Rooting ”.

In the same way, the Citizen Participation Area serves as a link with the Immigration Unit of the Insular Directorate of the General State Administration on the Island,where the applicant citizen can access the rest of the procedures related to residence and work permits.

Paula Corujo highlights that, according to information provided by the Cabildo’s Data Center, 155,812 foreigners of different nationalities, community and non-community, have resided on the island of Lanzarote in 2020, of which 27,618 are not Spanish-speaking .

The presence of these citizens on the island emanates the fact that more than half of the inquiries made at the Citizen Participation Office have been about these procedures for attention to foreigners.

The majority queries require information on the stay and legal residence in Spain for non-EU citizens, obtaining residence in Spain for a period of more than three months for citizens of the European Union and information on nationality.

Paula Corujo remembers that this“The island council department plays a fundamental role as an intermediary between the citizen and the public administrations,making available to citizens the means to provide the widest information on their activity and promoting the participation of all citizens in local life.

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