The Canarian government’s decision on 29th May to enact new laws in relation to private property tourism, while not unexpected, have at least given clarity to the many thousands of private owners here on Lanzarote that they have a fight on their hands to ensure that their investment in
Lanzarote is protected going forward.

The Lanzarote Business & Residents Association, who have been co-ordinating the political lobbying on behalf of a few hundred villa owners on the island for the last year, are satisfied that their efforts to date have at least ensured that the new laws have been framed in such a way that there are still opportunities, with a co-ordinated effort, to obtain the necessary touristic licences.

“We knew that this law would be passed from the beginning of our campaign” said Association President Daniel Trigg, “and all our efforts for the past 12 months on behalf of our property owner members on this project have been directed at our political representatives, both at local and national level, to make certain the new laws would allow openings for individuals to apply for licences and challenge any negative decisions at local level. What has been effective in achieving these aims is the ‘one voice of many owners’ we have been able to demonstrate to the authorities who have listened to our arguments and drafted the new legislation to leave the door open for property owners to continue to make a solid case for the issue of a licence.”

We spoke to a number of the Association members for their opinions on the efforts made to date on their behalf, and their response has been quite positive in a complex situation:

“When you are just a single villa owner your voice is, frankly, most unlikely to be heard in the current arguments for villa owners rights, so it is comforting to know that the Lanzarote Business Association can act as an umbrella organisation and give us all a stronger and louder voice to try and achieve our aims,” – Ms.T. Davies, Lanzarote

“I didn´t have to think twice about joining the LBA. I am 100% convinced that having the backing of this professional and well-respected organisation is essential in the uncertain times facing the holiday rental business at the moment.“ – J.Thomas, Costa Teguise

“It is important we all stick together on this and support each other so that we can make an impression on the authorities and convince them of the big contribution that is made to tourism revenue on the island, particularly for ancillary services such as taxis, restaurants and shops as well as tour and excursion companies. Working

together we can then have some financial muscle to fight the good fight” – Mrs S Birch, Yaiza

“The LBA gives continued support and a feeling of reassurance with the different challenges facing businesses and villa owners in Lanzarote. It’s nice to have somewhere to turn to for guidance when issues arise and the way forward is not always clear.” – Mr G Wilson, Playa Blanca

“My difficulty is fully understanding not only the complexities of Spanish law, but even more so the very obvious cultural differences in approach to many things related to this whole villa rental business, so the support network the Lanzarote Business Association brings to the problem is very welcome” – Mrs L Elliott, Puerto del Carmen

“What we need going forward”, said Association President Daniel Trigg “ is even more property owners to join us in these battles to ensure we get a fair result for everyone. We have power in numbers so I am hopeful others will see the benefits of clubbing together under the Association umbrella where we can also then achieve financial benefits of economy of scale for everyone on the professional legal fees that everyone will face in resolving this issue satisfactorily. We are in this to support our members for the long haul and to win justice for everyone”.