The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands has given the green light to the contracting of the works of the footbridge and the solarium of the beach of Arrieta, in the municipality of Lanzarote of Haría, in which the Government of the Canary Islands will invest almost 400,000 euros.


The person in charge of the area, Isaac Castellano, approved on Tuesday the expense, the file and the list of particular administrative clauses for the contracting of the work “Regeneration of Pedestrian Access on Gateway to the Sea and Platform of Solarium in Arrieta” , with a base budget bidding for 397,417 euros with IGIC included.



The term of execution of the work is established in five months  from the beginning of the works estimated around the month of September. The award procedure will be opened through a simplified open procedure and ordinary processing.


Isaac Castellano explained in a press release that “the objective of the work is to provide this emblematic beach of Lanzarote with a shaded area that will also feature urban furniture and that will encourage the rehabilitation of this space, which has already begun Northern City Hall with a series of works aimed at improving it significantly. “


The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports also believes that “with the improvement of the Arrieta beach, not only Haría and Lanzarote benefit, but also the entire destination of the Canary Islands, whose quality is increased as the experience is improved. only of the numerous residents who come to enjoy this area, but also of tourists. “


This initiative started in 2016 with Marci Acuña at the head of the Mayor of Harí : “It is an infrastructure that the previous government group had left completely abandoned for 20 years and that we set out to fix, in close collaboration with the Government of the Canary Islands “


Now that the contracting of this gateway is closer, “we will achieve, thanks to the Consistory’s commitment and the involvement of the regional government, that this symbolic and emblematic element is not only restored, but also incorporates novel elements for all residents and tourists who enjoy one of the best beaches in Lanzarote, which we also want to provide accessibility to get the Blue Flag. “


It is worth remembering that on Tuesday, Acuña will resign from the mayor’s office of Haría in favor of the socialist Alfredo Villalba following the agreement reached between CC and PSOE for a joint mayoralty in the municipality. Therefore, it can be considered a “sweet farewell” for the mayor until Tuesday.