The bad weather caused that in the Guacimeta airport yesterday a complicated day was lived that was closed with the deviation of nine flights coming from the United Kingdom, Valencia and others of the islands, of which four could reach their destination at the last hour of The night and the remaining five spent the night in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Tenerife Sur. 


The flight at 6:00 pm from Gran Canaria was unable to land in Lanzarote, being forced to turn around and return to the airport of departure. A reader Lancelot Digital says that his flight had to leave Gando at 19.00 and was canceled for a few minutes, until finally and using one of the ATR counts Binter, could reach Lanzarote but spending a lot fear in the landing. 



The problem, according to reports from AENA, was the low visibility on the runway, in addition to the crosswind that made the planes, especially those of small dimensions, unable to land. 


Today the day is uncertain, although early this morning flights have left the island with normality , although everything will depend on the progress of the day.