The Ministry of Health arranges the contracting through the Canary Health Service (SCS) of a supply of drugs for exclusive human use, with destination to the nine hospitals of the public network and a maximum amount of 167,733,916.12 euros.


The expenditure corresponding to this supply was authorized today by the Government Council of the Canary Islands, at the suggestion of the Ministry, which will allow to continue with the contracting file, through a framework agreement and negotiated procedure.


The procedure of centralized purchasing and the signing of framework agreements has contributed significantly to streamlining and improving efficiency in the procurement processes of health centers, services and establishments, by obtaining a reduction in prices derived from the application of economies of scale.


That is why the SCS acquires this type of medication, considered exclusive because they are subject to a patent and there is no alternative generic pharmaceutical specialties on the market, by framework agreement to comply with the principle of efficiency in the use of public resources.


In this way, it is contemplated that the base bidding budget per hospital is the following:


University Hospital of Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín: 35,148,056.09 euros


Insular-Maternal and Child University Hospital Complex: € 28,933,114.49.


Our Lady of Candelaria University Hospital: 44,587,353.71 euros.


University Hospital of the Canary Islands: 37,748,355.04 euros.


Dr. José Molina Orosa Hospital: 9,423,630.09 euros.


General Hospital of Fuerteventura: 5,544,325.32 euros.


General Hospital of La Palma: 6,034,612.11 euros.


General Hospital of La Gomera: 171,265.84 euros.


Our Lady of the Kings Hospital: 143,203.45 euros.


The contracts resulting from the framework agreement will have a duration of one year and could be extended for an additional annuity, so that the estimated value of the contract could amount to 335,467,832.24 euros.