High temperatures return from this Sunday

Declared the pre-alert for maximum temperatures in Lanzarote. It is expected that thermometers reach 32º on average accompanied by calima

The General Directorate of Security and Emergencies of the Government of the Canary Islands, based on the prediction of the AEMET (Spanish Meteorological Agency) and other available sources, has declared the pre-alert situation for maximum temperatures in Lanzarote , where the 36th could be reached. The heat will be accompanied by haze.


The pre-alert starts this Sunday at 08.00 hours until further notice. It is expected that warm, dry air will remain on the island for several days.


According to the AEMET, from this Sunday the high temperatures return to Lanzarote where the thermometers will reach an average of 32 degrees maximum. In addition, the heat will be accompanied by heat from this Monday. It will not be until Tuesday when the thermometers begin to descend and the haze disappears.


“Already on Sunday there is change, we expect a wind that is going to blow from the east, rather in areas a little high, not on the coast, but we are going to notice the temperatures in a slight rise, even more marked on Monday. , and good mainly in the interior areas “, explains Jesús Agüera, spokesperson for the AEMET in the Canary Islands.


“This East African wind inlet is going to cause the maximum to shoot above 30-32 degrees for sure, especially as I say in the areas of the interior of the island rather than on the coast, and we do not rule out the appearance of light haze from Sunday, probably on Monday we have some more haze, “he adds.


This summer has been one of the quietest of recent years. “It’s been a long time since the summer has come in. In July and August we have not had very little heat or heat waves or very severe temperatures, nor have we had anything remarkable in terms of warnings, adverse events, etc. And the month of September yes that temperatures are already above what is the average “, highlights Agüera.


As is usual with these high temperatures from the Security and Emergency Consortium of Lanzarote, it is recommended, among others, to protect from the sun and heat, stay in places protected from the sun as long as possible and in the coolest rooms of the house and to lower the blinds of the windows during the sunny hours.


In the same way, for situations of extreme heat it is requested that the windows of the house be opened during the night to refresh it. It is also convenient to resort to some type of air conditioning (fans, air conditioning) to cool the environment, as well as taking into account that when entering or leaving the places abrupt temperature changes occur that may affect you.