Erasmo García confirmed on Lancelot Radio 90.2 FM that the company should have delivered the work by the end of 2017

The person in charge of the area of ​​Health of Lanzarote, Erasmo García , gave the scoop this morning in Lancelot Radio 90.2 FM that these days the Surgery plant of the José Molina Orosa Hospital will premiere the 25 new rooms, which means 44 beds that will accommodate to more patients. 

García confirms that the company had to deliver the work at the end of last 2017 but did not comply and after several meetings, today they are finalizing the details so that it can open as soon as possible. 

In this regard, he is pleased that in Lanzarote 200 more surgical interventions have been carried out during the past year and that although the waiting list has increased by 20 people, more consultations are also taking place. 


It also clarifies that the necessary referrals have been made to the concerted clinic when the Hospital has not had the capacity to attend. The head of Health understands that “we have to live with her to be able to give a faster service”. 


Radiotherapy Unit 


Regarding the claimed Radiation Therapy Unit Erasmo García explains that “we are still on schedule”since the Health Minister of the Canary Islands Government, José Manuel Baltar, in summer the project would be delivered and at the end of the year it would be put out to tender to start manufacture in 2019 


He says that it has been necessary to change the place from where it was originally believed that it was going to be put to another that the experts saw as more favorable. 


García hopes to have as soon as possible the project of the unit that will mark a before and after in the history of health in Lanzarote to be able to present it to the public.


Tías Health Center and Puerto del Carmen 


On the other hand, Garcia confirmed that he committed to the mayor of Tias, Pancho Hernánez, to reform and expand the urgency of the Center for Health, especially the waiting area that is already small. In addition, a pergola will be installed at the entrance to stop the inclement weather. 


The outpatient clinic in Puerto del Carmen will also suffer an extension due to the fact that the building has become too small due to the increase in the number of health cards and the patients they attend each day, caused, above all, by tourism. 


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