Canarian hotel chains are pulling imagination to make less notice the fall of tourism that arises each year in the months of May and June , between Easter and the arrival of summer. For this, many hotel chains have reduced their prices by up to 40% for Canarian residents, encouraging local tourism to move. 


From the sector confirm that in Lanzarote the occupation is at 70%, although a little lower than previous years on this same date are not bad data compared to other tourist areas in Spain, falling by 20%. 


The panorama, they warn from the sector, worsens substantially with respect to winter, when the Canarian destiny was asserting its power despite the fact that the change of cycle was already noticeable. In the first three months the arrival of tourists has remained almost unchanged from last year, in just over 4 million visitors (+ 0.3%), thanks to the rise in national tourism (+ 24%), which has compensated the decrease (-1.7%) of foreigners.


The tourism businessmen warn that the destruction of jobs that has already begun to be noticed in the first quarter will be accentuated in the second with the fall in margins. “The fall of the employed always comes after the decline in income, as they finish their contracts the eventual. And employment can not be sustained when billing goes down. The tourism sector has been helping to recover the Canarian economy for years, and now construction and public administrations must take the witness, who must absorb those jobs that will inevitably be lost, “the hoteliers warn.