Hotels and accommodation on the island of Lanzarote have managed to achieve 80 percent occupancy during the last half of February, which is 10 percent more than the same month last year. In addition, in data gathered in the first two months of 2011, occupancy has risen by 15.02 percent on the island above 2010. “These figures prove the remarkable recovery of the sector of accommodation on the island of Lanzarote.” assured the president of Asolan, Susana Pérez.

According to data provided by Asolan in February 2010, the island last recorded, on average, an occupation of 70.35 percent, compared with 80 percent this year. Thus, although this is the month with the fewest days of stay, February is approaching the best tourist occupancy month last year, which was obtained in August, with 83.71 percent.

Aparthotels, last February, had a 86.93 percent occupancy, followed by bungalows, with an average of 83.68 percent, apartments 82.55 per cent and 4 star hotels with 80, 91 percent. For its part, the six 5-star luxury hotels in Lanzarote have, on average, in the second month of the year an occupancy rate of 67.73 percent.

The rural tourism establishments have been grouped and show a percentage of 52.18 percent occupancy in February, although “the volume percentage of seats is negligible for statistical purposes,” according to Asolan.
The statistics reflect the recovery of tourism in Lanzarote, within the parameters of volume and profitability not so, especially after the improvement of the main tourism source markets, namely Germany and the UK.

The good figures of February have been produced by the moving of tourists who had their holidays planned for some of parts of North Africa, and given the volatile situation in those places, have decided to enjoy their vacation time in Lanzarote.