In the Assembly of the Water Consortium of Lanzarote that was held on Monday, July 2, in the Island Council of Lanzarote, it was unanimously approved to approve the revision of tariffs for the integral water cycle, which implies a price increase of one cent of the euro in the The first section of domestic consumption goes from 0, 60 euros per ton to 0.61 euros. This increase continues to leave the island with the cheapest price compared to the prices of the six main Canarian cities: Arrecife, Puerto del Rosario, Las Palmas, Telde, Santa Cruz and La Laguna.

In the second section of consumption of domestic water, from 11 to 30 tons of water, it rises two cents and the third section of 31 to 40 tons of water, increases by four cents per ton.

After five years, the Canal Gestión Lanzarote concessionaire company, with the consensus of the Lanzarote Water Consortium, will begin to apply these new rates, foreseeably in three months, once it is approved by the Territorial Price Commission of Las Palmas, an entity that ends up to remit the new rates.

In the case of tourist water, it goes up seven cents, going from 2.91 to 2.98 per ton.

Agricultural water

The Assembly also approved the publication of the execution bases so that the agricultural water can be reduced as indicated previously. As of July 1, the professionals of the primary sector (agriculture, livestock and fishing) will pay all the consumer segments at 0.50 euros, compared to the 0.98 that they had been paying, which places the price below even those rates for general users, who pay 0.60 euros per cubic meter.

The non-professionals, who now pay 1.2 euros per ton, go to pay 0.80 euros, although if they exceed the first tranche will pay the most expensive rate, equivalent to the industrial 2.69 euros per cubic meter.


This covers the 135 professional farmers and ranchers and 2,373 non-professionals. To this end, a 160,000-euro item is available, which will be financed from the 400,000-euro Red Mountain canon, to guarantee this subsidy, so that any farmer who so wishes may request this rate. With this item it is estimated that it will cover even twice the current census of farmers and ranchers, professionals and weekend who want to access aid in the future.


This is the answer to an old claim from the sector that paid for the most expensive water on the islands. In addition, a service will be created to process the demands of more than a hundred farmers to join the network.


All the people who wish more information or want to start the procedures can go to La Granja Agrícola Experimental of the Cabildo of Lanzarote.