In Spain,except in municipalities that operate in the open council system because they have less than 100 residents, the Mayor is not directly elected by the voters. The voters select the Councillors and then the Mayor is chosen from those that were at the top of the lists.

As regards the election of the Councillors, once the number of votes for each Political Formation has been counted, each Political Formation is allocated a number of Councillors using the D´Hont method.
The elected Councillors make up the so-called Municipal corporation which then

proceeds to appoint the Mayor in the Constitution Session. The procedure is as follows:

a) The Councillors heading the corresponding lists of candidates that are represented in the Corporation may be candidates.

b) If any of them obtains an absolute majority of Councillors´ votes, they are proclaimed Mayor.

c) If none of them obtains an absolute majority, the Councillor heading the list that has obtained the highest number of votes in the municipality is proclaimed Mayor.

Once the Local Councils have been formed, the Provincial Council is formed by appointing Provincial Deputies, which in turn will appoint the President of the Provincial Council.

So, when will we see the new Mayors taking office?

By law, on Saturday June 11th.