Well after 13 years, I decided it was time for me to get Empadronamiento with the town hall in Tias.

Yes – 13 years is a long time, but it is one of those things that I kept putting off thinking that it would take ages – how wrong could I have been!

It only took 2 trips up to the Ayuntamiento of Tias to get them.

The first trip myself and my partner went up at 9am (thinking that there would be a queue), but we spoke to the receptionist and she directed up to another table. Then we had to show our residencias, passports and my rental agreement. When that was done and she had taken copies, we had to fill out a short form and then it was done. All that was left to do was to go back in 2 days to collect the certificates.

So we went back in 2 days (deciding that 9am was the best time to collect them), spoke to the receptionist and she had them there for us. We had to pay €2.00 to get a copy each of the Empadronamiento.

We then asked about the Convivencia certificate. This is the certificate that shows that my partner is living with me at the address on the Empadronamiento certificate (even though his name is not on the rental contract). This is needed if you want to be recognised as a couple and it is needed for many different things, such as getting medical treatment if you don’t have your own social security number.

Well that was really simple as well – the receptionist just printed it out for us and we had to pay €1.00.

One of those things that we thought would be very compicated and it turned out to be very simple!