Big Data is a mystery and a world to discover. What is supposedly an interconnection of all the data that we pour into the network can be used in favor of anticipated interests. This is the case of Turismo Lanzarote, which aims to analyze the habits, tastes, complaints or positive evaluations of those who visit us or visit other places in order to improve tourism service.


“Based on the data analysis, what we propose is to give a much clearer light about what is happening, what tourists are saying about a tourist destination, we analyze the complete travel process of what potential tourists are from the emotional moment , that is, how these potential visitors are inspired to get to Lanzarote, how they are looking for flights, what prices of flights and hotels they are, etc. Also, once they are at the destination, how they behave. interests, what are their perceptions, their feelings based on what they share in social networks … “, explains Carlos Cendra, expert in Big Data and tourism.


This expoerto in tourism on the internet also told us about the new portals such as Booking or TripAdvisor and its reliability or usefulness.

There are two ways of assessing what these platforms use: one is the number of points, stars or a range of satisfaction that it brings to the client and then there is the text comment, in our case we directly go over the points and the range of stars that they assign any of these two portals to the hotels and we go directly to analyze the text and that gives us a much more intense and deeper visibility of that client’s feeling about the hotel, why, because we semantically analyze the whole text and a Same text we can extract overall satisfaction with the hotel but also with the different departments.If you are happy with the location or with the reception service or complained because the room was small because the air conditioning did not work, “he adds.


This new technology has come to stay for what many consider not to enter the world of Big Data is to stay out of the game.