Plan General Yaiza

On Thursday 25th October, the Lanzarote Business Association President Daniel Trigg together with LBA secretary Silvia Garcia Hurtado attended a meeting in Yaiza with the Concejal de Urbanismo (head of urbanisation) Jose Antonio Rodriguez and Yaiza´s chief engineer Antonio Lorenzo.

At the meeting it was confirmed that although the plans for Yaiza had been made public there was still time to make allegations. It had previously been stated that there were only 45 days in which to make allegations. This however they were told was incorrect. The official time for allegations to be made will commence when the announcement of the` Study of the Plan´ is published in the Las Palmas/Tenerife newspapers expected to be within the next 2 – 5 days.

Once published there will be 2 months, i.e. November and December in which allegations can be made. It was made clear to Daniel and Silvia that the plans were not final. Yaiza has the opportunity to reject the proposal in favour of its own suggestions.

Because of the volume of work involved, for the LBA to prepare the plan, the deadline to receive properties to be included was previously stated as Monday 29th October. This date has now been extended until Monday 5thNovember. We would however ask if owners wish to be included they firstly register their interest and paperwork can then be issued. The final date for completed forms to be received by the LBA is Thursday 15th November.

At the meeting Daniel once again explained how many properties there are in the municipality, how many independent travellers visit the island and how vital these visitors and the private property rental market are to the economy. It was acknowledged that the authorities were unaware of how large the private property rental market currently is.

What we have to do now is provide the Ayuntamiento with a global plan for Yaiza. The proposed plan must show the areas where private rental properties are situated. To do this and to have any chance of success we need to have as many properties as we can registered.

Once we have our plan in place, it will be presented to Yaiza who will include it in its own proposals to the Canarian Government. The more properties we can show, the more pressure the ayuntamiento can exert on the Canarian Government to include further touristic areas.

Please remember we only have 2 months to compile and produce our plan so please act now.