The LBA attended a meeting held at the Hotel Beatriz Playa de Puerto del Carmen last Friday, in which the the Mayor of Tias and the Tourism Councillor reported in detail on the 20 new actions, 17 promoted by the private sector, with an investment of 90 million euros, and 3 public, endowed with an amount that exceeds 10 million euros from own resources of the municipality of Tias, Lanzarote Cabildo and the Canary Islands, as part of the Plan for Improving Public Areas in the Islands.

Some of the projects are for refurbishing and upgrading the facilities and other projects are for new buildings and commercial equipment leisure complex. This is part of the Modernization and Competitiveness plan in Puerto del Carmen, started in 2010 and enforced in 2011.

During the presentation, the mayor offered a preview of projects and companies that will run these 17 private performances between 2013 and 2015 among them are the San Antonio Hotels, Don Paco Castilla and Floresta, the new Balcon del Mar, Rancho Texas theme park, and new entertainment centres, restaurants and commercial places and Centro Cpmercial Barracuda, Centro Comercial Costa Mar , new Centro Comercial in Las Rocas complex, and the expansion and new equipment Fariones Sports Center.

The Tourism Councillor for the Ayuntamiento de Tías, Nerea Santana, announced the creation of a new website for Puerto del Carmen, a promotional video for the resort and made a summary of the projects to be promoted by the authorities in 2013: weddings – Senderismo – cultural events especially related to Nobel prize José Saramago´s house (“A Casa”, in Tías) – Sunday fayre in the Old Town – and the Diving Centre in Playa Chica, the first one in Lanzarote.

The projects included will feature mobile rooms of about 190 square meters to house the toilets, changing rooms and showers along the promenade in this stretch of the Playa Chica. An information kiosk about 10 square meters, a marine pier, about 12 meters long and about 2 feet wide and a ramp for the descent.