Good news its a new week and hopefully a new start for Lanzarote as of yesterday after more than three months under a state of alarm, this ended and we are entering the so-called “new normality,” yesterday we also had flights arriving from mainland Spain.

Lanzarote continues without registering any new positives of covid-19, yesterday 59 new samples were carried out, all negative and among them was one of a patient who was transferred to the Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa as a possible suspect of having contracted the disease. Fortunately, this has not been the case and it has also tested negative.

The low levels of coronavirus on the Canary Islands mean that there will be no capacity limits in bars and restaurants, but stores will be limited to 75%. Groups of up to 30 people can carry out activities, 25 if indoor, and on the beaches each person will have a demarcated space of four square meters. Local fiestas are suspended for now.