It has happened once more. The image, as much as it displeases, is no longer strange, since unfortunately, from time to time a new complaint arises in relation to the little respect of some for a place like the wonderful Jameos del Agua, as published by Diario de notices.  


It is totally forbidden to throw coins or other objects into the interior lagoon, much less be able to bathe in it, which is what has happened. Again. The TikTok user mannuusc denounced with some images the way in which a woman, identified as a tourist by several present, bathed in the Jameos del Agua without any modesty while she posed for a photograph.


“To bathe at your house!” Other visitors who do not quite believe what they are seeing before their eyes tell him: “I am freaking out”. In addition, other people present in the place rebuke the woman, who takes a photo of her in the meantime.


More than once the people of Lanzarote have had to listen, astonished, to the visitors talking to each other: “Let’s take a bath, right?” No matter the signs warning that it is forbidden to do so, apparently anything goes for a photo.