The first month of 2021 has left 10,000 more unemployed in the Canary Islands, raising the number of unemployed to 279,230 people.


From January 2020 to January 2021, unemployment has grown in the archipelago by 32.23 percent. In other words, there are 68,066 more people on the unemployment lists.


One in nine people in Erte in Spain is from the Canary Islands


To these figures must be added that of the people who are in an Erte that amount in the Canary Islands to 84,403 people who, if things are not solved and economic activity is reactivated in the islands, would end up swelling the unemployment lists.


The number of workers affected by a temporary employment regulation file increased in the Canary Islands by 5,197 people in January, 6.56 percent.


At the moment, at the national level there are 738,969 workers who are in Ertes throughout Spain . That is, one out of every nine people who are in Erte in Spain, is from the Canary Islands.