Jon Kortajarena opens the doors of his house in Lanzarote

The most international actor and model has opened his ‘refuge’ of Famara for an architecture magazine of Spain

“When I was little I lived in Lanzarote for a few years and since then I have been very sentimentally attached to this island, I came to this island as a major, I found this land and this little house and I said I want to be here”.

The most international actor and model, Jon Jortajarena, has opened the doors of his house in Famara, in Lanzarote, exclusively for an architecture magazine in Spain.


“This house is like it has something of me, we have done it as a team, practically from scratch, deciding every corner, every detail …, which I feel is very much mine,” he said.


A great promotion of the island


Kortajarena has assured in this report that the island transmits the tranquility and peace that no other place brings.


“Poetic, it’s like living in a very different way from how you live in cities like London or New York, here you appreciate things, the company and the moment and I think we have achieved this with certain aspects of the decoration or with how the house is positioned towards the views “, adds the actor in this report.


In addition, the Spanish actor and model has mentioned the Lanzarote artist César Manrique.


“The legacy left by César Manrique at the time is very important on the island and we have also tried to respect that, I think it is seen in several points of the house 
that his influence is also here”, he explains.


Jon Kortajarena has a special union with the island of Lanzarote since he was very young . Therefore, the actor and model has made this house on the Famara coast to enjoy the views of this town and the island.


This video has already gone viral on social networks being a great opportunity for Lanzarote.