‘This singer’s job’, more than the title of one of the twenty songs played by José Vélez on Saturday in the town square Femés, is the feeling of someone who has been strolling on stages in Spain and abroad for 43 years enchanting the public with themes that keep stirring good memories and unleashing joys and emotions. Youngsters and adults enjoyed their performance in Femés with a vibrant live performance by ten musicians that the audience cheered until the end.


In the same crowded plaza that surrendered to José Vélez, he also applauded the very young Alexia Caraballo (13 years old), that this Great Day of San Marcial completed the first public performance in her land after the successful participation in the television program La Voz Kids. José Vélez himself wished Alexia the best of luck for the artistic career he started, and then, both had a brief dialogue at the Civic Center of Femés in the presence of the councilman of Celebration of Yaiza, Javier Camacho.

The Canarian artist celebrates more than forty years of experience on stage

Ensuring the best possible location, since six in the afternoon there was a group of fans of José Vélez in the square, some of them residents in other Islands who follow the singer wherever he goes. At nine o’clock in the evening the enclosure was full. Alexia ended with impatience interpreting ‘You got it wrong’, ‘La de la suerte suerte’, ‘Perdón, perdón’ and ‘El Sol no regresa’, four songs to open a spectacular night. Alexia was accompanied by the acoustic guitars of Roberto Gil and Adrián Niz.


After 9:30 it was José Vélez’s time. ‘Resistiré’ opened the repertoire of infallible songs that the artist considers “talisman”. He published the choirs to the “piece and ‘artist”, giving himself to the performance that the most international teldense responded with his greatest virtue, singing and singing.


Songs more romantic, others more rhythmic, without distinction, the audience sang them and danced equally. ‘Greek wine’, ‘Canarito’, a letter that makes José Vélez proud, ‘Let’s dance a waltz’ or ‘No please’, kept the people up until the closing with ‘A Latin American canary’, plus a new sip from ‘I will resist’. The audience was delighted and satisfied with the performance of José Vélez and Alexia.


The municipality of Yaiza and the town of Femés do not stop vindicating the insular and archipelagic patronage of San Marcial . Therefore, the City Council chaired by Oscar Noda has been requesting in recent years the Island Council of Lanzarote, as the First Island Corporation, greater support for Femés parties, inter-administrative collaboration always highlighted by the mayor who has facilitated the co-financing of projects of interest general and cultural events such as the performance in Femés de José Vélez.