The Government of Spain has decided to activate an aid of 200 euros to buy food due to the increase in prices. And it is that, more and more, making the purchase has become more difficult and it is necessary to be careful when spending the money to be able to make ends meet.


The Tax Agency is in charge of distributing this aid to the most needy families. This measure has been taken because many basic products, such as eggs, bread, pasta, legumes, fruits and vegetables, have experienced a significant increase in their prices.


The government has begun to look for measures that can quickly reach all families, as reported by Diario de Avisos. Last summer he sent a check for 200 euros to the most vulnerable people during a time of year when expenses tend to increase. Now it seems that he will do the same again, but this time with a clear intention: that the money be used to buy food.


7.3 million people throughout the country will be able to obtain a help of 200 euros to buy food if they meet the only requirement: having a monthly income of less than 1,000 euros. This amount of money may be related to a partial contract or even a lack of work.


With this help that should be activated soon, the dreaded January cost at Christmas in which prices will be very high could be lived in a more bearable way. In addition to food, other expenses such as electricity or fuel can affect the mortgage payment or rents that increase year after year.