Know the specific measures for Easter

The measures that the Canary Islands will adopt to prevent infections from increasing at Easter are already known. The Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, has indicated this Thursday the restrictions that will come into force on Friday, March 26 at 00.00 hours and will last until April 9. Among the most prominent, the obligation to present a PCR or antigen test with a negative result to travel to another island, regardless of the level of alert.


In the case of inter-island displacements, Trujillo has also stressed that the autonomous government will not be responsible for paying the relevant Covid-19 detection tests. People traveling due to the exceptions set forth in Royal Decree-Law 926/2020, of October 25, which includes assistance to health centers, services and establishments, compliance with labor, professional, business, institutional or other obligations. legal, and return to the place of habitual or family residence, among others, will not have to take any test .


With regard to passengers from the Peninsula, the regulations remain the same as at Christmas: a negative antigen or PCR result must be submitted. Therefore, students and residents will be able to return to the Islands, since, exceptionally, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands will not have a perimeter closure, unlike the rest of the autonomous communities of Spain



Likewise, the counselor has emphasized that the controls in the ports and airport of the Canary Islands will increase during these holiday dates, in order to monitor compliance with the measures.



The limitation of the number of people who may meet in public, closed or outdoor spaces, up to a maximum of 4, provided they are not living together on levels 1, 2 and 3, and a maximum of 2 on level 4. In private spaces, only the meeting of cohabitants will be allowed .

Regarding the limitation of freedom of movement at night, on the islands at alert level 1 it will be from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., and in the rest of the levels (Lanzarote is at 2) between 10 p.m. : 00 and 6:00 hours.


Specific measures for hotels, restaurants, terraces, bars and cafes

In addition to the general measures established in the Government Agreement for each alert level, between March 26 and April 10, in the establishments and activities of hotels, restaurants and terraces, as well as in beach bars and restaurants, The following measures will be taken at all alert levels:

– Guarantee the correct ventilation and air renewal of the interior spaces.

– Distance of at least 2 meters between the chairs of different tables or groups of tables.

– Tables according to the number of people who occupy it, ensuring an arrangement of the chairs in which the diners are face to face and that allows the greatest possible interpersonal distance.

– Consumption outside the table or the bar space assigned to each client is prohibited.

– It is forbidden to serve alcoholic beverages to customers who do not occupy a previously assigned table or bar space.

– Smoking is not allowed on the terraces or other outdoor spaces depending on the premises or establishment. The consumption of tobacco or other inhalation devices is prohibited within a perimeter of at least 5 meters with respect to the entrances to establishments where smoking is prohibited.

– Customers must remain seated at the table all the time, limiting travel in the establishment to what is strictly necessary.

– The mandatory use of the mask must be made permanently, except at the time of ingestion of food or beverages.


– Activities that promote crowds, not maintaining interpersonal safety distance or improper use of masks, such as holding parties, dances, karaoke, contests, concerts or background music that invite people to dance or sing are prohibited.

– The owners of the establishments are responsible for adopting all the necessary measures to avoid the generation of risks of spread of the COVID-19 disease.


Maximum capacity in catering by alert levels


In addition to the above measures, depending on the alert level each island is in, alert level 1 may not exceed 75% of the authorized capacity in interior spaces. The maximum occupancy per table will be 4 people, both in outdoor and indoor spaces or in the bar, respecting the distance of at least 2 meters between the chairs at different tables and between groups of customers in the bar. The establishment will be closed to the public before 11pm.


At alert level 2, it will not be possible to exceed 75% of the authorized capacity in outdoor terraces and 50% in indoor spaces . The maximum occupancy per table will be 4 people, both in outdoor and indoor spaces, and 2 per group of clients in the bar, respecting the distance of at least 2 meters between the chairs of different tables and between groups of clients in bar. The buffet or self-service service cannot be provided indoors. The establishment closes to the public before 10 pm.


At alert level 3, it will not be possible to exceed 50% of the authorized capacity in outdoor terraces, being forbidden the service indoors. The maximum occupancy per table will be 4 people, being prohibited the consumption in the bar and the buffet or self-service service indoors.


At alert level 4, the measures indicated for alert level 3 will be complied with, except for the closing time of the establishments that is established before 6:00 p.m. 22.00 and home delivery until 24.00. The establishment is closed to the public before 6:00 p.m.


Home delivery at all levels can be made until midnight.


Places of religious worship


Regarding places of religious worship, the agreement establishes that the interpersonal safety distance between non-cohabitants and the mandatory use of a mask must be guaranteed.


In the practice of worship, physical contact between the attendees and the singing will be avoided, and the temple or place of worship must remain with the doors and windows open before and after the celebration for the time necessary to guarantee its ventilation. During the celebration the doors will be kept open, if this does not prevent the practice of it.


Attendance at places of worship will not exceed the following capacity depending on the alert level established for each territory. Up to alert level 1, 75% of its capacity cannot be exceeded indoors; At alert level 2, 50% of its capacity cannot be exceeded in closed spaces, and at alert levels 3 and 4, 33% of the capacity in closed spaces cannot be exceeded. In these last three, it is recommended to offer the services by telematic means or by television.


The use of the exterior of the buildings or of the public thoroughfare for the celebration of acts of worship must have prior authorization, must be approved by the corresponding municipal authority and the necessary measures must be established to guarantee the maintenance of the interpersonal safety distance. , regardless of the mandatory use of the mask, as well as the rest of the general preventive measures.


Public shows and popular events


Public shows (recreational, leisure and leisure activities, including sports, that take place sporadically and in places other than the establishments intended for the regular exercise of said activity and, in any case, those held in removable or open-air facilities), They may only be held on those islands that are in a situation of low transmission, corresponding to alert level 1.


Parties, festivals and other popular events are not allowed, which also implies the prohibition of convening acts, processions, celebrations or any other type of event that may incite the uncontrolled meeting of people, or that involve situations that make it difficult or impossible. compliance with general preventive measures, such as crowding of people, the permanence of people in a number greater than that established for each alert level, maintenance of interpersonal safety distance, breach of capacity, etc.

Likewise, the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads, parks or outdoor recreation areas is not allowed, and controls will be strengthened to prevent unauthorized alcohol consumption, compliance with the maximum number of people. in meetings, safety distances and other activities not allowed on public roads, in parks and other outdoor recreation areas, and the night-time closure of spaces in which crowds occur for this reason may be established.