Know where to wear the mask in free spaces

The masks will no longer be mandatory outdoors from midnight today, after the obligation to wear them that existed in Spain for almost a year.


But do you know in what conditions and situations you can go without masks in the open spaces?


In general, you can go without it in all the free spaces as long as the safety distance of one and a half meters with non-cohabitants is respected, but you will have to have one in your pocket in case these conditions are not met when we are abroad . And know that it is mandatory to always carry one on hand at the risk of being fined with a fine of 100 euros.


Some of the places where you normally do not have to wear a mask will be on the beach and pools where you can maintain that social distance, or when you walk through streets or avenues where there are no crowds. On football fields or at music concerts it is recommended to wear them if there is not enough distance between the spectators. But it will no longer be mandatory when walking a dog on a lot or on a beach.


But remember, the use of the mask will continue to be mandatory in closed public spaces and in all those outdoors where the social distance of one half meter cannot be maintained. Remember in the bus you have to wear a mask or in the taxi.


In all the countries of the European Union it is not mandatory to wear the mask, with the exception of Italy, where the ban will be lifted in a few days.


In short, apply social distance, but above all common sense in free spaces is the best rule when using the mask, one more garment that will continue to be with us for many more months.