In La Geria, the landscape, wine, hiking and sports go hand in hand. Lanzarote offers food and wine experience of the volcano to revitalize the economy of this area and provide new opportunities for tourists and residents.
La Geria
In addition to viewing volcanoes and visiting vineyards and wineries and catering business in the area, the tourist are looking for new activities in La Geria. Tourism Competitiveness Plan Canary Islands, a volcanic experience, which was presented yesterday at Rubicon Winery council president, Pedro San Gines, and the minister of social and economic advancement, Carmen Rosa Perez, plans to implement various activities among which are to contemplate the creation of trails and hiking and biking, an estate with vineyards in the Monumento al Campesino to raise awareness of traditional culture, and media advertising campaigns, both digital and in print.

This initiative aims to provide a new category of tourist products in La Geria tourism related assets, such as cycling and hiking.

One project that is more advanced and will shortly be removed to tender for execution, Perez said, is the long-distance trail linking San Bartolomé and Yaiza and which can be accessed from side roads.

On the other hand, the minister said, the food and wine of the volcano cycle route which will take about thirty miles in length with start and end at the Monument to the Peasant, cross the Geria, Fire Mountain, Uga and Yaiza.

The bike path will lead to the wineries, museums and restaurants. In the Monumento al Campesino will enable a collection point will be parking for bikes and motorized vehicles along with several businesses of The Geria. The design of these stops (Bike Parking) “has already been charged,” said Perez.

San Gines said: “The whole project is very ambitious and excellence in tourism, which will allow the island also qualify as an adventure tourism destination.”