By Lyn White
Lyn is a member of the Lanzarote Creative Writing Group which meets weekly on Friday mornings in Costa Teguise. For information about the group call Sue: 630751106
Lanzarote is a small Island, one of the seven that makes up the Canary Islands. Although we are Spanish we are nowhere near Spain. We are situated some 60 miles from the African coast and benefit from a sub tropical climate.

Lanzarote is almost certainly the prettiest of the Islands, conforming to the late Cesar Manrique´s ideas, which were laid down in law, that dwellings should all be height restricted and painted either white or cream. Paintwork on windows, doors etc may be green or blue or natural wood. There are historical reasons to the green or blue; farmers had green and fishermen had blue on their houses. This has been lost in as much as anybody can be whatever colour, providing it is green or blue, and now the myriad villas and apartment complex´s conform making the island look like it is covered by lots of sugar cubes on the countryside, very pretty.
We have unconventional beauty naturally, the mountains and countryside are lacking in greenery, due to our climate, but the stunning array of browns, beiges and greys and black can be breathtaking, particularly when the sun is setting behind the mountains and they take on a completely ethereal magnificence. Something that has to be seen to be appreciated.
We have beaches ranging through white sand to gold and completely black, each beautiful and magnificent when viewed against the blue blue skies and sea. The sea is clear affording stunning sights of underwater life, and perfect for swimming and diving.
If dining out is your passion, Lanzarote is definitely the place for you. Thousands, yes, quite literally thousands, of restaurants and bars offer world class cuisine of every possible type from cheap pub grub to gourmet dining of the highest standard. Something to suit all budgets and tastes, children’s dishes are readily available everywhere too and the children are always welcomed.
Entertainment may be found in the evenings, again, to suit all tastes and ages. If a quiet evening with a glass of Sangria and sea breezes is your thing, then that is well catered for also. All age groups are welcome and feel very at home on Lanzarote. Night clubs are normally situated close to each other but nothing on the scale of Ibiza or Magaluf. It is not unusual to see parents and even Grandparents in these clubs along with the younger generations enjoying the music and having a ´boogie´.
If you should choose to explore the Island, you will discover that it is only 38miles long and 13 miles wide. There are seven main tourist attractions including our ´live´ volcano (where you can choose to enjoy a meal cooked over the heat of it in a dedicated restaurant), underground caves, a high viewing point overlooking our sister Island La Graciosa . Everywhere you drive to there are breathtaking views and (almost) always a view of the sea in the distance. Look carefully and, in spite of our hot dry weather, you can find numerous wild flowers bravely smiling up at the sun. Of course, we normally get a wet season around February time. Don’t let this put you off. A heavy shower can become history ten minutes after it has come down, due to the ground being so warm it dries it immediately. It is a rare occurrence indeed to get a day with no sunshine. Our winter temperatures average 21c daytime and rarely dip below double figures at night. Summer is very pleasant and, although it can peak at 40c it is more likely to be a comfortable 35 ish and as we have a constant breeze it does not feel stiflingly warm as some Mediterranean countries can.