SOURCE and PHOTOGRAPHY: lavozdelanzarote.com 

In August  , César Manrique airport  received  more  than  300,000 travelers  from national and international airports.

The data represents an  increase of 6%  compared to arrivals in the same month of 2022, according to figures offered by the Lanzarote Data Center. 

In total, 224,420 travelers arrived from  foreign airports, 6.4% more  than those who arrived in August of last year.  80,964 people arrived  from the peninsula , 3% more  than those who came in the same month of 2022. 

Compared  to 2019 figures , the  increase  in the number of arrivals is  10% . Then 275,850 people arrived.

Of them, 216,045 flew from foreign airports ,  4% less than this August,  and 59,486  from the peninsula, 27% less than last month .