Lanzarote is a fascinating, beautiful and incredible island to both visit as a tourist and also to live on. In fact many people who come for a holiday decide to make this their home either straight away, or later on when they decide to retire. Although the Canary Islands are a Spanish territory, and the official language is Spanish, the number of foreign residents is high and continues to grow.

Of course a large part of the island’s success at attracting new residents is down to the fantastic climate, with year round warm weather and blue, sunny skies. It is hot but not too extreme in the summer, and never gets cold in the winter. In fact the climate almost has a year-round spring like state.

Apart from the amazing climate which has been described by many as “the best climate in the world,” the island has so much more to offer for both residents and businesses. With the amazing weather, the island is almost guaranteed tourists. This is absolutely ideal for businesses related to that sector, with around 90% of the islands working inhabitants employed within the tourism sector. Millions of people visit Lanzarote every year because of the climate, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, variety of activities and things to see, and the high level of safety.

While Lanzarote is a amazing place to live, work, and visit on holiday, there are certain difficulties that may be experienced by both residents and tourists. One of the main barriers is language. Of course, non-Spanish speakers will face some difficulties if they don┬┤t speak the language and need access to the local government, public services, or the legal system for example. While there have been improvements made over the years to accommodate the growing number of foreign residents, this is still a difficulty for foreigners on the island. This in turn is linked to setting up businesses, the local tax system, and dealing with the local council on any kinds of issues like planning permission.
Lanzarote Business and Residents Association was set up in 2009 to help its members to deal with these kind of problems, and also to work towards the common goal of improving tourism to Lanzarote and future investment in the island. This is achieved by the proactive involvement of the Association in public life of the island by meeting with local businesses, administrative bodies and other associations.

To help the Association to grow and to improve awareness of the benefits it can provide to its members, their friends and families, and the wider community within Lanzarote we have decided to set up this blog. Here we will share posts about upcoming events, members of the LBA, and the amazing island of Lanzarote that so many of us are lucky enough to call home!

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