Lanzarote closes even more due to covid-19

The president announces a series of new restrictive measures, such as the suspension of all sports, cultural and leisure activities, to try to stop the incessant increase in cases on the island

New restrictive measures, that is what the president of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, Dolores Corujo, announced yesterday, given the worrying increase in covid cases that are being experienced on the island as a result of the Christmas holidays. The main ones would be the suspension of cultural, sports and leisure activities on the island, the closure of socio-cultural centers and public facilities, children’s playgrounds, as well as the limitation of the capacity of cemeteries and visits to numerous centers public. In addition, the possibility of raising the island to level 3 is being studied, if so considered by the regional Executive. Everything indicates that the decision in this regard could be announced this Thursday.


Serious situation


Lanzarote, which is already at level two, occupies the second position in the ranking of the islands in terms of Accumulated Incidence (AI) per hundred thousand inhabitants, only behind El Hierro and that is that the island’s AI it reaches 173’35 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants in the last seven days and 251’5 cases registered per one hundred thousand inhabitants in the last fourteen days. Figures that are clearly excessive that make Corujo fear the possibility that the highest peaks reached this summer will be reached and even surpassed. With one variable: the incidence is now much higher among those over 65, a much more vulnerable sector of the population.


In this sense, and with regard to the population over 65 years of age affected by covid, which represents 50 percent of the total affected, Tías and Arrecife are the municipalities that are at the fore. In both, two out of three cases correspond to patients older than that age.


Corujo also spoke of the effort being made by professionals in the health sector to locate the contacts of each positive: on Monday more than 500 contacts and tests, this Tuesday more than 700.


The situation is serious, the president did not try to soften it. “Things are very bad and we have not reached the peak, since these infections correspond to the beginning of the holidays. In the next few days the infections that occurred at New Year’s Eve and Kings will come out, ”he explained. “Cases will keep going up, whatever we do. It must be very clear, but that does not mean that we should not take extreme precautions. We must do everything possible to flatten the curve.


Measures taken


For all these reasons, the Insular Coordination Board, of which the Cabildo and the seven town councils are part, has taken a series of restrictive measures such as suspending all leisure, cultural and sports activities.


Close the socio-cultural centers and the Cabildo facilities, such as the Casa Amarilla, the Casa de los Arroyo or the Insular Library.


Visits to centers for the elderly are suspended and limited to shelters for minors, among other proposals.


The agglomeration of users in the Drug Dependence Care Unit will be avoided and it will be done by modifying the methadone administration guidelines


Visits to users of the Zonzamas drug dependence residential care unit will be limited to two people


In the Doctor Julio Santiago Psychosocial Rehabilitation Unit, it will be the center itself that sets the visits.


Capacity is limited to cemeteries.


The playgrounds are closed.


In addition, the possibility of raising the island’s situation to level three is being evaluated, a technical issue that does not depend only on the Cabildo but that is not ruled out. In fact, the Government of the Canary Islands is urged to assess this possibility. The objective, Corujo reiterates, at all times is to flatten the curve.


When asked by journalists as to why the shopping centers were not closed, Corujo recalled that this is not the responsibility of the Cabildo, nor of the municipalities, but of the Government of the Canary Islands, which would have to harden the level for that to be done.



Data by municipalities


According to the data provided by the president, the municipality of Tías is in the most worrying position with a cumulative incidence of 466 affected per 100,000 people in the last fourteen days and of them 67% correspond to those over 65 years of age. In other words, out of every 3 infected people, 2 are over 65 years of age.


Arrecife has a cumulative incidence of 257 people per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. Of them, 165 are in the dangerous age group, over 65 years, which is a


64%. San Bartolomé is located with 244 affected per 100,000 inhabitants, with 150 infections in people over 65, which represents 60% of infections in the most vulnerable age group.


For its part, Teguise has a rate of 170 affected people per 100,000 inhabitants and, fortunately, there have been no infections in older people so far. Yaiza, however, has a lower number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants, 115 people in the last 14 days, but the rate of people over 65 affected is 64, which represents 55% of older people affected. And finally, Tinajo and Haría, which have 64 and 39 affected people per 100,000 inhabitants and, fortunately, they do not report older people affected at the moment.


Hospital admissions


Dolores Corujo also explained that 17 people remain admitted to the General Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa, of which 3 are being treated in the ICU while the rest, 14, are admitted to the plant, with an occupancy percentage of 30% in UVI and 46.7% in plant.


The president advanced that “at the moment a second Covid floor is being enabled in the General Hospital that will have 47 additional beds in anticipation that these may be necessary.”


Finally, Dolores Corujo wanted to publicly express her appreciation to all health personnel for the enormous effort they are making.