Lanzarote continues without registering new contagions of coronavirus after not being positive since last Friday, the day the infected passenger landed on the Peninsula.


However, if we only take into account the infections produced within the island, the last one was recorded more than a month ago. The number of tests analyzed on this day, 500, stands out, giving all of them negative. 


This increase in the number of tests is due, according to health sources, to “the recommendation of scientific societies to perform PCR on almost all patients before operating them.” That is, most of them are presurgical tests.


Of the patients who continue to suffer from the disease, two are hospitalized at Doctor José Molina Orosa and the third, the infected man in Ciudad Real, is under house monitoring by Primary Care.

The thirteen people who flew near the sick traveler will undergo PCR this Friday.


Since the pandemic began, an accumulated 86 cases have been registered in Lanzarote, of which 77 have been discharged and six have lost their lives.